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Our Commitment to You


  • When providing you with legal advice, Press for Change and it's associated employees and voluntary advice workers will always do their best to ensure that the information and advice we provide is as accurate as possible.
  • When we have provided advice we also suggest that you should  always consider whether you might need to take further advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or a Solicitor.
  • Press for Change employees and volunteers will always advise you if we think you need to see a solicitor or your local Citizens Advice Bureau, as a matter of urgency.


PFC and Your Privacy - Our policy

1. Press For Change, its staff and volunteers, all do everything in their power to ensure that there is no disclosure of any of your details without your permission.

2. Wherever possible, PFC scans all hard copies: usually letters or papers as soon as we can. We then destroy all original paper copies of any documents appertaining to your request once scanned and saved within our secure online storage facility.

3. All electronic materials appertaining to your request are placed, as soon as is practicably possible, within a secure online storage facility.

4. PFC and its employees and volunteers cannot be held liable for any actions by third parties, for example: information access achieved unlawfully by hackers or burglars.

5. There are circumstances when, in order to advise you, we might have to disclose details whereby you might be recognised as the person at the heart of the issue. We will act in a professional manner at all times, and wherever possible ask for your permission before disclosure of any details which might disclose your identity, address, phone number or any other aspect of your private life, especially any items which might disclose that you are a trans person to a third party.

6. PFC reserves the right not to seek your permission for disclosure of your trans status where it is obvious to a reasonable person that the third party knows the details already.

7. PFC reserves the right to presume your given permission for all members of the legal advice team and it's administrators to know of your personal circumstances, the details of your legal problem and whether or not you have a Gender Recognition Certificate. If you do not wish this permission to be presumed, you must either tell PFC when you make your initial enquiry, or if later, you must contact PFC in writing, or by email, immediately.