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Why donate to Press For Change? - Because we really need your support. 

Although we have been fortunate to receive funding on previous research projects this is usually ring fenced to each individual project and so we ultimately survive by donations from supporters and members of the transgender community. Working on research, attending meetings and campaigning always means we have a lot to do, so if you could spare any small amount of money for a donation you can ensure every penny is used wisely, you can donate online through Paypal (Minimum amount for the Paypal system is £10)… 





Since its formation in 1992, Press For Change has received and spent around £42,000 in donations, which equates to just over £2,000 a year. That makes us almost certainly one of the most frugal lobby groups in existence — operating for twenty years on the smallest of money has been a massive challenge in itself. Sadly there are many things we would like to be able to do more on but are limited to our resources financially.

That is why we are asking if you can help us continue to provide a service of real value to those that are transgendered or questioning their gender identitiy.

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General Costs

With the money donated to PFC we’ve achieved changes in legal protection and support for trans people which were all at one time considered impossible dreams. Legislation and judicial case law affecting employment rights, the right to NHS treatment, and the Gender Recognition Act have all been shaped by the influence of PFC lobbying and advising politicians and courts. That work still goes on to influence the shaping the protections which we now have with the equality act, but that still need to go further.

Press for Change has also previously campaigned effectively for changes in media attitudes towards trans people and has defined the modern agenda for debating the issues for healthcare reform. Every day we are in some kind of contact with civil servants, national agencies and broadcasters arguing a sound case for the all-round improvement in the way that trans people are supported and enabled to live productive discrimination-free lives.

Most of this work is carried out by volunteers and involves travel and other out-of-pocket expenditure — all of which needs to be found to cover and ensure those volunteers are credited for the time that they put in from somewhere. Our web site, for instance, demands a web hosting system to cope with the massive demand for our resources, every day of the year which needs a greater level of bandwidth which means higher costs.

Members of our team also provide legal support including sometimes attending cases at court, these costs can very quickly build up. Every donation helps.

Add to this the cost of stationary, office equipment and supplies, utilitiy costs and other costs that will crop up from time to time and this all adds up. When you donate even just a pound that will cover for example an important support call to someone legally.

Without donations we cannot send representatives to meetings where there is a cost associated, particularly with the continuing spiralling of public transport costs, which takes away our visibility and chances to make a change and raise that important awareness needed. Without a voice at these meetings we will start to lose ground in ensuring our human rights continue to be recognised.

Please make a donation NOW, you can donate through Paypal (Minimum amount for the paypal system is £10)…


How to make a donation:


  You can WRITE A CHEQUE  in favour of Press for Change and send it to our main address:   

Press For Change
BM Network


  • You can pay direct, including making a regular standing order payment, from your Online or Telephone Banking from the UK or   anywhere in the world , direct to our bank. Simply use your online or telephone banking system, or visit or write to your bank and ask them to transfer the amount you want to give to:

Press for Change,

c/o National Westminster Bank PLC,

80 Claremont Road

Manchester, M14 4NW


Bank Sort code: 01-02-02

Account number: 21752486

If making an international donation then you will also need the following IBAN and Swift Codes

Iban number: GB 72 NW BK 01020221752486

Swift Code: NWBKGB2L


Please Note, the bank makes a £5 charge for each credit received from the international banking system (CHAPS), so please bear this in mind when deciding how much to give.


If you need an acknowledgment then email us and we’ll confirm when your payment has been cleared.