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Case Law - Employment


Here you will previous case law on Employment... The documents are in adobe pdf to save and use in your own time...

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Employment Tribunals

A v West Yorkshire Police

  • A-v-West Yorkshire Police — full text of the 1999 employment tribunal ruling which, after a fuller examination of the law, upheld the applicant’s complaint of sex discrimination
  • A-v-West Yorkshire Police — full text of the 1999 employment tribunal’s second decision, in which it ruled that part of the 1999 amendments to the Sex Discrimination Act contravene the Equal Treatment Directive.
  • West Yorkshire Police-v-A — full text of the 1999 Employment Appeal Tribunal’s important precedent-setting decision upholding the validity of a Restricted Reporting Order extending beyond promulgation.
  • A-v-West Yorkshire Police — full text of the 2003 House of Lords rule, upholding the earlier ruling of the Court of Appeal.


Other Police Employment tribunal cases

  • Ashton-v-West Mercia Police — full text of the 1999 employment tribunal ruling which rejected a claim of discrimination by a trans police officer dismissed from a civilian post to which she had been redeployed.
  • Ashton v West Mercia Police: full text of the decision of the Employment Appeal Tribunal upholding the dismissal of Ms Ashton’s claim of sex discrimination and disability discrimination (July 2000)
  • M-v-West Midlands Police — full text of the 1996 industrial tribunal ruling which allowed a police force to refuse to recruit trans officers


Other Employment cases

  • Mills and Crown Prosecution Service v. Marshall — full text of the 1998 Employment Appeal Tribunal ruling which upheld an industrial tribunal decision to hear a claim of sex discrimination after the expiry of the three-month limit, because until the ECJ’s ruling in the P-V-S case Ms Marshall had been unaware that she had a right to bring a claim.
  • Kristina Sheffield v. Air Foyle Charter Airlines — full text of the 1998 industrial tribunal ruling in which the applicant was found to have been unlawfully discriminated against because she was trans when her application for employment was rejected.
  • Chessington World of Adventure-v-X — full text of the 1997 employment appeal tribunal ruling which confirmed that the 1975 Sex Discrimination Act does prevent discrimination against trans people (38Kb)
  • DA-v-Suffolk County Council — full text of the 1999 employment tribunal decision which found unlawful discrimination against a trans woman who had been providing personal care to people with learning disabilities.
  • White v. British Sugar: full text of the 1977 industrial tribunal ruling which concluded that at that time, the Sex Discrimination Act did not outlaw discrimination on grounds of gender reassignment.