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Case Law - UK Court Cases: Legal Gender Recognition


Here you will previous case law on Legal Gender Recognition... The documents are in adobe pdf to save and use in your own time...

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UK Court cases: Legal Gender Recognition


  • R v. Tan and others — 1983 Appeals Court ruling which upheld the applicability of Ormrod’s test of sex for a trans woman convicted for engaging in prostitution.  Classification as male exposed her to more severe penalties than if she had been recognised as female.
  • R v John Matthews: full text of the ruling which confirmed that non-consenting penile penetration of a transsexual woman’s vagina may be prosecuted as rape. Reading Crown Court, October 1996
  • Bellinger v Bellinger: full text of the High Court ruling rejecting an application from a trans woman who had married in a registry office for her marriage to be recognised as valid. November 2000
  • Bellinger v Bellinger (appeal): Full text of the Appeals Court ruling upholding the refusal of the High Court to recognise as valid the marriage of a trans woman. July 2001
  • W-v-W: full text of the October 2000 High Court ruling rejecting an application to annul the marriage of an intersex woman