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Transsexual and CRB Checks


Having to have a CRB check done when you start a new job can be confusing especially if you are transgender, for fear that your previous name may become known to your new employer. However the Criminal Records Bureau has a team in place to handle sensitive information just like this.

We recommend that prior to filling out any CRB form that you make contact with the CRB sensitive team who will help you through the process.


The Criminal Records Bureau has a dedicated number for transgender people to ring which is 0151 676 1452, or they can be email at:


If you have a criminal record or caution from the police, it will appear in you old name unless you change the details on the Police National Database (PNC).

So as far as the applicants details on the CRB disclosure form, will show in your new name and title, with no previous names recorded.

Underneath that you have Police Records of Convictions, Cautions, Reprimands and Warnings

The Police National Database (PNC) will print any of these automatically on the CRB disclosure form for the employer to see.

The process if this happens is the CRB office will stop the process and get in touch with you, this will allow you to change the details held on the PNC, and they will then issue the certificate with all the new names being the same.

The proces of changing the PNC database is unclear at the moment, due to changes that have been made at national level and which have not filtered down to regional police level.

Pfc are currently seeking clarification with the the PNC people as to the correct procedure and once we have all the information will be providing guidance which will be available here.