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Community News Release - Press for Change

It is with great delight that Press for Change can announce the formation of a new interim board to oversee the re-structuring of the organisation for the betterment of the trans community.

Some of the key priorities are:

To put together a set of memorandum of articles of association which will enable Press for Change to become a Limited Company by Guarantee with Charitable status.

To develop a set of clear aims and objectives as well as a strategic development plan.

To set up a stakeholder group

That priority would be given to find funding for the legal team


It was agreed that the interim board over time could become more diverse and non trans people who are our supporters and advocates or family members of trans people could become trustees of the new structure.

New Chairperson Appointed

The interim board are delighted to appoint Dr Lewis Turner as the new chairperson for Press for Change.

Other announcements will be made as the organisation re structures and decisions are made.



Press for Change has been a key lobbying and legal support organisation for Trans people in the UK. since it's formation in 1992

Seeking respect and equality for ALL trans people in the UK, through case law, legislation, and social change, it reaches thousands of transgender (trans) people in the UK. It is primarily a voluntary organisation, currently managed by the Vice-Presidents and key volunteers, this structure will change in the following months as the restructuring is addressed.


Picture Displaying the Press For Change Banner from Pride London 2007

(Our Banner at Pride London 2007)



We provide legal advice, training, and research to trans people, their representatives, and public and private bodies. PFC has regularly worked with Government on the Employment regulations 1999, the Working Group 2000, the Gender Recognition Act 2004, and the Equality Act 2010 along with the Government's latest Transgender Action plan in partnership with other trans organisations such as a:gender, The Gender Trust, Gender Identity Research and Education Society (GIRES) and Gendered Intelligence.

PFC is not only one of the leading agencies in the UK providing legal advice and support to Trans and other Gender Variant people, but our reputation as legal and policy experts on transgender law has also been called upon both in Europe and worldwide. 

PFC addresses both the immediate legal needs of Trans people who have faced unlawful discrimination, or abuse of their human rights  as well as focusing on the needs of society, business, the public service sector and government to move forward in its understanding of Trans people and their lives.  We achieve this through engagement, education, and training.

PFC focuses on strengthening respect for the human rights and the need for equality of transgender people throughout institutions by promoting structural change and recognition of the value of Trans people as citizens of the world.

PFC is committed to a culture of bold leadership, through innovation in all aspects of our work, by forming creative partnerships, and providing a thorough accountability to those we serve.  

PFC engages with UK, European and other national and supranational agencies to achieve its aims. PFC supports programmes, contributes to policy and advocacy, raises funds to assist those Trans people affected by prejudice and discrimination, and carries out public education on related issues in the United Kingdom and Europe.

PFC is also acknowledged as one of the major groups in the rights of Trans people.  We work closely with the Scottish Transgender Alliance, the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and Transgender Europe, who we are a member group of,as well as many government departments and agencies including the Gender Recognition Panel, and numerous support organisations for Trans and Gender Variant people around the UK.

In late 2009, Press For Change was awarded funding by the Equality and Human Rights Commission to develop the TransEquality project, which provided professional legal support to Trans people in key areas of the law, as well as advice to businesses  and other non-profit organisations, the Transequality project ended at the end of March 2012.